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What Our Happy Customers Have to Say about Air Wise:

“Reliability, fairness and efficient service are hallmarks of Mitch’s work.”

Joe C., Section 3, Garden Oaks

“For the last 10 years, Mitch has taken great care of us. Reliability, fairness and efficient service are hallmarks of his work. As a neighborhood provider, Mitch has helped us recover from 100-degree heat, Hurricane Ike and Sunday evening A/C blowouts. It’s invaluable to have someone we trust so much, available right around the corner.”


“Mitch, you win the award for the best A/C guy in Houston!”

Patti D., Meyerland

“For the past five years, we haven’t been able to cool our house. The old air conditioner would run all day and would finally shut off around 11:00 at night. Now, we set our new A/C system at 73° and it actually shuts off during the heat of the day. Even my kids complain that it’s just too cold. What a huge difference! Mitch, you win the award for the best A/C guy in Houston. Ask my Facebook friends; they all know you now!”


“Our electric bill was literally cut in half!”

Pat D., Ella Lee Forest

“Mitch Weigand installed a new American Standard A/C system in our home. It worked beautifully from the start, but the true testimonial came with our first power bill. Our electric bill was literally cut in half! Several years later, we continue to pay much less than our neighbors and friends even though our home is kept quite cool in the summer. Mitch’s customer service is wonderful. We would highly recommend Air Wise to anyone and everyone.”


“I am extremely satisfied.”

Sean E., Lakes on Eldridge

“Mitch and the Air Wise team performed a wonderful job. I am extremely satisfied with Mitch’s expert, helpful advice and the excellent work the guys did from start to finish.”


“Mitch is like family to me.”

David L., Oak Forest

“I trust Mitch like no other, giving him a key to my home when I can’t be there. He is trustworthy and hard working. I have referred many friends to Mitch and could not say enough great things about him and his A/C business!”


“Mitch is such a gentleman.”

Irene P., Timbergrove Manor

“I couldn’t have asked for any better gentleman to put in my heating system. Mitch was very neat and clean and did an excellent job.”


“The new furnace has really made a difference.”

Veronica H., Edgewood Estates

“Just wanted to let you know, I am very pleased with the new furnace. It has really made a difference in the comfort level of the house.”


“I love my Mitsubishi mini-split!”

Penny L., Oak Forest

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Mitsubishi “Mr. Slim” mini-split! I can heat and cool my whole two-bedroom, one-bath house with this incredibly quiet little unit. I’ve had the mini-split for about one year, and in that time, my Reliant Energy balanced billing has gone down twice. It’s been lowered from the original $145/month to $103/month, and now it’s $83/month! You and the guys are great to work with and I really appreciate your focus on customer service!”