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Because keeping your employees and customers cool is not optional.

Keeping cool in business in Texas, means having reliable commercial air conditioning Houston is no place to do business any time of year without a quality cooling system to keep your business operations running smoothly. Most Texas businesses run their HVAC unit year round. This kind of stress and usage requires that you make a wise decision when choosing your commercial air conditioning. Houston business owners in the know call Air Wise to ensure that every aspect of their commercial air conditioning Houston system is handled quickly and efficiently, from installation and maintenance, to upgrades and air conditioner repair. Houston HVAC team at AirWise will get the job done right the first time, and keep your system running efficiently with top notch air conditioning service.

Light Commercial Air Conditioning Houston

TX | Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioners

Through the years, American Standard has designed and developed the most complete line of Packaged Rooftop products available in the market today for commercial air conditioning. Houston HVAC leaders at AirWise can tell you that American Standard was the first to introduce the Micro – microelectronic unit controls – and has continued to improve and revolutionize this design concept. The ReliaTel™ control platform offers the same great features and functionality as the original Micro, with additional benefits for greater application flexibility.

commercial air conditioning houston

Packaged Rooftops continue to provide the highest standards in quality and reliability, comfort, ease of service, and the performance of American Standard light commercial products. American Standard customers demand products that provide exceptional reliability, meet stringent performance requirements, and are competitively priced. American Standard delivers with Packaged Rooftops. Packaged Rooftops features cutting edge technologies: reliable compressors, Packaged Rooftops engineered ReliaTel controls, computer-aided run testing, and Integrated Comfort™ Systems. So, whether you’re the contractor, the engineer, or the owner you can be certain Packaged Rooftops Products are built to meet your needs.

Features and Benefits, American Standard Commercial Air Conditioning Houston TXcommercial_air_conditioning_Houston

Powered Exhaust Option
This option is available on downflow units and provides exhaust of the return air, when using a down-flow economizer, to maintain proper building pressurization. Great for relieving most building over-pressurization problems.

Remote Potentiometer
When properly installed in the economizer control circuitry, this accessory provides a remote variable resistance to enable the operator to adjust the minimum damper position. Needed in todays commercial air conditioning Houston.

Roof Curbs
Available for down-flow units. Only two roof curbs for the entire Packaged Rooftop line simplifies curb selection.

Static Drive Accessories
Available on many models, this high and low static drive accessories extend the capability of the standard motor. Avoid expensive motors and operating costs by installing this optimized sheave accessory.

Ventilation Override Accessory
With the Ventilation Override Accessory installed, the unit can be set to transition to up to 3 different pre-programmed sequences for Smoke Purge, Pressurization and Exhaust. The transition occurs when a binary input on the RTOM is closed (shorted). This would typically be a hard wired relay output from a smoke detector or fire control panel. The ventilation override kit is available as a field installed accessory.

Zone Sensors/Thermostats
Available in programmable, automatic and manual styles.
Note: *Refer to Model Number Description for option availability.
Other Benefits

Airflow Distribution
Airflow is outstanding. The Packaged Rooftop can replace an older machine with old duct work and, in many cases, improve the comfort through better air distribution. The U-shaped airflow allows for improved static capabilities.

Cabinet Integrity
For added water integrity, Packaged Rooftops have a raised 1 1/8″ lip around the supply and return of the down-flow units to prevent water from blowing into the duct work.

Easy to Install, Service and Maintaincommercial_airconditioning_houston_repair
Because today’s business owners are very cost-conscious when it comes to their commercial air conditioning Houston service and maintenance providers at Air Wise are proud to say that the American Standard Packaged Rooftop was designed with direct input from service contractors. This valuable information helped to design a product that would get the serviceman off the job quicker and save the owner money. Packaged Rooftops do this by offering outstanding standard features enhanced by a variety of factory and field installed options, multiple control options, rigorously tested proven designs and superior product and technical support. It is this kind of forward thinking that makes providers of  American Standard Packaged Rooftop commercial air conditioning Houston’s choice for keeping cool in business.
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